Amazon and Apple Bidding for Bond — Cinematic Slant

Included among the companies bidding for distribution rights to the James Bond franchise? Apple and Amazon, according to a report in The Hollywood Reporter that details how valuable this franchise, which is among the only brands in play in terms of rights, is to the potential winner. Amazon makes a certain amount of sense as […]

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Confessions from a trio of science fiction junkies. Let us introduce our Pseudo-self’s to you, those who share our passion… A journey through the ruptured, twisting, fantastical minds of three science fiction writers with a dream.

“Without sarcasm, science fiction is just science.” CG Blade “We set out to write something completely different born of a dream.” DC Belga, co-author of Heliotrope “S…

Source: Confessions from a trio of science fiction junkies. Let us introduce our Pseudo-self’s to you, those who share our passion… A journey through the ruptured, twisting, fantastical minds of three science fiction writers with a dream.

Confessions from a trio of science fiction junkies. Let us introduce our Pseudo-self’s to you, those who share our passion… A journey through the ruptured, twisting, fantastical minds of three science fiction writers with a dream.

“Without sarcasm, science fiction is just science.” CG Blade

“We set out to write something completely different born of a dream.” DC Belga, co-author of Heliotrope

“Science fiction should be subtle. Like a robotic finger slowly pushing through your skull, poking around, waking you up.” Cad Gelb, co-author of Crimson

These quotes and many like them can be seen everywhere today. Writers and authors look to them for inspiration and guidance, checking these quotes to see if they are on the correct track. It inspires your writing. The three of us set out to write science fiction that had never been written before. Enjoying the works of Bradbury, Asimov, Nelson, Dick, Hubbard, and Heinlein for quite a few years can do something magical to your grey mass. It forces you to think differently. Watching the great science fiction movies of the 50’s, 60’s, and 70’s can also have a deep impact on your thinking. Campy perhaps? Maybe. But, they still have a profound impact on the science fiction genre and mirror our society in general. Many of them with a subtle or not-so-subtle message ground into them. After many months of filling notepads and journals, we decided to do the following with our novels. We confess, it was tedious at times, grueling to say the least, and not at all easy. But nothing great ever is:

  1. Incorporate subtle hints throughout the novels that give you the ending or the ‘Pseudo-personality of a character.
  2. Each of the novels are infused with hidden and not-so-hidden music lyrics that coincide with the theme of the books. These are also prevalent at each novels webpage. The Main Perpetrator
  3. Use the first half of the first book Cobalt, as a ‘set-up’ for the rest of the series.
  4. Infuse the novels with commercials, Intermissions, and pop-culture references.
  5. As we wrote, we listed the ‘Media Easter Eggs’ contained within the novels and locked them away in a safe. Each novel has from thirty to fifty each.
  6. Each of the characters in the novels would be ‘real life’ people. Some of them are actually working their real life jobs in the novels. The characters on the cover art are our friends who gave us their faces to use. We dragged some of them kicking and screaming with the promise of Twinkies, Skittles, and Smarties.
  7. Pay homage to every science fiction writer, director, and movie that we as well as our readers love. Some of them are twisted anagrams throughout the novels.
  8. Research until it hurts. The historical research we did, and are currently doing, is mind-boggling. Every date, day, and time of an action or a historical action is down to the second. (This has taken three years to piece this together. We wanted this very accurate so that at the end of each novel, time itself is correct for the next novel.) Past , present, and of course, future history is used as conduits.
  9. Suspend disbelief. What is the best way to do this so that YOUR experience is the best it can be? Grinding, grueling, writing and editing. The novel Cobalt was rewritten thirteen times before we were satisfied. Even then as an author, you are never completely satisfied. We aim to please even if it means bloody fingertips.
  10. Give you a chance to witness the miracle of binary to alpha conversion. At the end of each novel we have incorporated hints and other oddities that can only be “seen” with a binary to text conversion program. Copy and paste the ones and zeroes from the novel into the converter and click “to text”. Enjoy! (As a robot programmer, I, CG Blade, wanted to do something fun in a novel that had never been done before) Here is the conversion link: Binary to Text Converter
  11. Sarcasm reigns supreme. “Make it horrible, make it dark, make it gory, but for God’s sake, tell a joke” – Joss Whedon. We went all out here. There is nothing like a smart-ass protagonist with a “chip” on her shoulder that is able to make you smile and giggle after she has shredded someone with a Gatling Gun.
  12. Use one, and ONLY one artist to illustrate every one of our covers. That talented artist is Katerina Ventova. She deserves a lot of credit for what she has done to propel this series but she will never take it. Humble and gracious, she loves what she does, and we love her for it. (There are hidden messages and twenty-seven names on each cover, front and back)
  13. Ensure that our editor can put up with our sarcastic writing, no-holds barred content, and has the technical capability to understand and love science fiction as much as we do. We found that one-in-a-million editor in Cindy Calloway, and we will never let her go. Cindy Calloway – Editor-At-Large
  14. The long arduous search for someone who captures our characters for the audio books is over. The talented voice over artist, actress, and comedic genius of Bradetta Doyle-Vines is unmatched. She understands these novels and IS the voice of Petra come to life. Crimson and Emerald are now being recorded as I type this. Cobalt ACX Audio Book
  15. For those poetic souls we have also incorporated science fiction poems into our novels from a wonderful poetess by the name of Cindy J. Smith. Check her out. She is amazing. You will find they fit right into these stories. Cindy J. Smith – Poetess-At-Large
  16. Finally and foremost, we wanted these series of novels to feel like and I am quoting from a reader here, “like you are reading a movie you are holding in your hands”. We set out to make sure these novels were interactive. Your five senses are attacked with imagery and characters that are unforgettable.

Our final confession: We wrote this series for you, and for us, the passionate science fiction junkie. We enjoy the little hints in books and movies. The subtle nods to great books, movies, and music. We cannot stop now. It is like an Easter Egg addiction that is ever-growing. We hope to continue our preservation of science fiction the only way we know how. Subtle, colorful, and very twisted. You do not have to ‘read into’ everything in these novels to enjoy them, but if you love the challenge, it is there. For the most part, please enjoy the ride itself. We loved giving it to you.

Robotic Love, CG Blade, DC Belga, Cad Gelb

Below you can find links to our novels. When you wander over to our website on a laptop or desktop computer, please do not hesitate to turn your volume up to eleven. Enjoy the show! (Press play on a smartphone)














New Robot Eats And Digests Living Things – What Could Go Wrong? —

“It may not be a living, breathing robot, but UK researchers have created something pretty close. Robotics experts has developed a soft robot capable of consuming organic material for energy, effectively creating a machine which digests living things. The hope is that such self-sustaining robo-scavengers could be used to mop up contaminated water or algal blooms, which…

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The New Age Of Music – Women Who Can Rock, Roll, And Sing The Blues With A Helluva Lot Of Soul…

If you know anything about me, you know I love my music. Without it, I am nothing. I meld music into my novels because it is such a big part of our lives and it influences my writing. I had decided early on that I would ‘incorporate’ music, lyrics, songs, and bands into my stories. With the advent of eBooks, you can now pay tribute to these great groups with hyperlinks and videos. The combination of books and music has begun to take a fantastic turn for the better and it cannot come quick enough.

Music Cycles

Music is cyclic. It always has been. Why? What drives this cycle? Think back to where it all started. Elvis and The Beatles. Once again, what drives this cycle? Is it the outside influences of society? Is it the inside influences of the songwriters and the lyricists? Like the entire planet, music changes with time, and time drives a new religion of music, a new society and a new breed of great rock bands. As writers are influenced by past writers, singers and musicians are are influenced by the music they grew up with, listened to, and tried to repeat to the best of their ability. Many lonely but driven hours sitting in a room with worn out borrowed instruments Razing Cain with their siblings and worried parents wondering what went wrong. But sometimes in life, dreams do come true. A cosmic intervention, a Big Bang of music in the universe drives some of these great songwriters and talented bands to finally come together at a split second in time to convene upon us like a gift from the Godz themselves.

The List

You may not agree with this list, but here are my picks for the cyclic renewal of rock music in my lifetime, ‘before’ and during my lifetime, that is:

  1. ALL Blues artists and Gospel music. Ragtime/Soul
  2. Elvis Presley
  3. The Beatles
  4. Black Sabbath
  5. The Doors
  6. Pink Floyd
  7. KISS
  8. Guns and Roses
  9. Nirvana/Pearl Jam
  10. Evanescence
  11. Halestorm/The Pretty Reckless/Jasmine Cain

Please remember I am not putting together a top ten list per sea, just what I believe to be the cycle that has changed the direction or is currently changing musical style, gender, and influences. The groups listed in number eleven are why I began writing this blog. They are the new renewal and revival of rock and it is a welcomed breath of fresh air.

The ‘Why’

As a child of the 70’s, I have had a chance to ‘witness’ some of the greatest music the world will ever know. I have stood in the front row of a ‘not quite well-known’ KISS concert, outlasted the greatest rock circus that ever took place, The World Series of Rock held at Cleveland Municipal Stadium. From Pink Floyd, to Starz, to Heart, I have seen all of it, and I have seen it live. Before VHS, DVD, Blu-Rays, and MP3 players, we had no other choice but to discuss it the next day, in person, face-to-face. You can probably guess which direction this paragraph is heading. That’s right, Facebook, Twitter, and the almighty hashtag. Now in a matter of milliseconds, you can reach thousands of people with your posts. But, isn’t that also a bad thing you ask? Yes, yes it is. Now you have every wannabe rock star and YouTube idiot trying desperately to become rich and famous. Corporate giants and advertisers are now on the lookout for anyone who will give their body, their life, and their tainted soul, getting paid for these products that I often block on Twitter. (Reference: See Cobalt, Crimson, and Emerald’s satirical commercials. Sold at fine retailers and book establishments)

I could go on and on about how The Runaways, Joan Jett, Lita Ford, and Heart, have paved the way for the insurgence of great women in music. But this is now, and it is time to start looking at the present. There are currently three bands in this millennium that will influence the direction of rock for years to come. They have changed the rocky river of ugly Pop-Stars, Teen (Corporate model influenced) Boy-Bands, and YouTube “watch me play these three chords” Garage bands through years of torturous hard work, pounding touring, great lyrics, genius songwriting, and collaborating with band members. Without actually ever talking to the members of Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless, and Jasmine Cain, I can only assume that some or all of their influences are listed above. Why? Because if I go so far as to make sure they are a part of the inside of my life’s work, my novels, you can almost surely bet that we have had the same musical influences. Listening to their music on a daily basis while I write has changed the way I write. It has to. You do not listen to great hard pounding rock music to write a mushy soft love story. You listen to the music that coincides with your style of writing. Mine just happens to be hard science fiction with a lot of action, and twists thrown in.

The Kicker

Here is the kicker. All of my novels are a tribute to these bands and great women, my wife included, and how strong they can be in the face of adversity. These three bands, and all of these strong women in my life, are the reason I continue writing this series. The next novel, Onyx, will be a Jasmine Cain influenced novel with fantastical twists and turns. A story that will take your breath away and wake you up inside. Fade…

Halestorm, The Pretty Reckless, and Jasmine Cain are three of the voices that have used the past to influence the future of music as we know it, and more importantly for me personally, my writing. If you are like me and have grown up in the greatest era of music, give them a real listen to. I don’t mean the ‘fifteen-seconds’ of sample on Amazon. Take a shot and actually buy it. They have so much fantastic vocal range, great lyrics, and band members, who like myself, ‘accentuate’ their genius and creativity. There has never been so much female soul in music as there is right here, right now. I never push any type of music for any reason other than this:

“Waking first thing in the morning the only thought I have besides pain and agony is a song in my head that I cannot get rid of unless I listen to it immediately. This would involve me slowly stumbling to my Smartphone to bring up the song “Highway Prophet, Mz. Hyde, or Take Me Down. Now that I have purged that song out of my head, I am in need of the entire album.”

Nuff said…Robotic Love, CG

Remember, anyone who produces digital books, music, artwork, or poems needs your voice to stop pirating. You cannot expect anyone to continue to give you great material if they do not get paid for it. It costs me approximately $500.00 to $1000.00 to put out a 70K novel. I cannot imagine what cost it takes to produce eleven songs, go out on tour, and keep writing great material.

Contact CG Blade c/o Pseudosynth Press by filling out the form below! Thank you.